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Monday, July 30, 2007

Meat and Three Restaurant Photos Needed

Do you have any photos of meat and three restaurants, diners and/or cafes that you are willing to share?

I am really needing to add to the Photo Gallery page on my MEATandTHREE.com web site. Would love to be out traveling more and taking a lot more meat and three pictures, but that is just not happening right now.

Of course, you would receive full credit on each photo when I post them up on the site. They would probably find their way onto a blog entry at some point, as well. It would be a great help in continuing my quest to bring the meat-and-three dining genre more into the forefront. There are so many of these great little places all over the country, and I want more and more people to be exposed to them ... really, from all over the world.

K & F Cafe in Madison, TNThe photos are a great tool for people that travel out to unfamiliar meat and threes, and they can also be quite interesting just to leaf through. No two meat and threes are alike (which is a very good thing) in appearance or ambiance, and rarely the same in food offerings, even when two or three are owned by the same person. This is one of the things that makes the "meat-n-three" so attractive to so many diners, and keeps people like me on the trail for new ones.

I would really appreciate hearing from you about any photos, past or present, that you could share with the rest of us. If you will contact me (see my profile), we can discuss (via email) the best way to get your photos to me. Digital is really the easiest and best option, if at all possible. I can scan actual photos, too, but prefer not to go this route as there is some cost to this option for both sides.

Oh, one more thing: I am only looking for photos of actual meat-and-three restaurants, per my definition (serves a one meat and three sides/vegetables menu choice; or a meat and two). You can read a more detailed definition on the MEATandTHREE.com site (click here). If you have any doubts, go ahead and contact me and we'll sort it out.

Thanks a ton!

Phil Roberson (mn3guy)

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