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Friday, September 7, 2007

Amy's Diner in Old Hickory, TN is closed

A friend and I went to have lunch over at Amy's Diner in Old Hickory, Tennessee, and it was closed. Must have happened pretty recently - I passed by there not too long ago and there were several cars in the parking lot.

There is a new meat-and-three that has opened in its place now, called Ma & Pa's Kettle [http://www.meatandthree.com/tn/maandpaskettle/]. I have not been there yet, so I don't know anything about it. I called to confirm that they do serve a meat and three (and a meat and two, and meat and one), and was politely invited to come for a visit, which I will do at some point.

If you get over there and check it out, shoot me a note and give me some details: info@meatandthree.com. I would appreciate that!

As always, if you know of a meat and three restaurant, diner, or cafe that is not on this site yet, please contact me with some details - at the very least, the contact information. I will check it out.

Phil Roberson (mn3guy)