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Thursday, August 2, 2007

My Meat and Three Definition

Saw a blog post earlier today - http://www.michellesmiles.com/?p=115 - where Michelle wondered aloud about the term, "meat and three". I entered a comment to provide her with some thoughts on the subject.

That got me to thinking that maybe it would make sense to include my definition on this blog, given the fact that I am the one who created the MEATandTHREE.com web site. While I do have a page on the site that provides my "official" definition of a "meat and three": http://www.meatandthree.com/definition.html, you can read it here, too.

meat and three n.

  1. A menu option consisting of one meat and three sides. The sides are often vegetables, although other foods may be included in the list of available sides. Either a roll or a piece of cornbread is almost always included with the meal, and a drink is sometimes included in the "meat-and-three" price. The drink is usually "sweet tea".

  2. A dining establishment offering meals consisting of one meat and three vegetables.

  3. Any cafe, restaurant, or diner (usually non-chain), generally in Southern locales and generally owned by single proprietors, that provides food at reasonable prices to all types of clientele from blue collar to business professionals and politicians, with a typical plate that consists of one meat, at least three vegetables (sometimes two), and either a home-made biscuit, roll or cornbread. A drink, such as Sweet Tea, is often included in the "Meat and Three" price. Daily specials and combo's can be found on typical laminated menu's; on chalkboards hanging on the wall; or even on plain handwritten or copied pieces of paper. Business hours can start early, where the "Meat and Three" also offers breakfast, and can go to an early-afternoon close just after the lunch crowd; while some stay open from early in the morning until late in the evening; and others are open for just a few hours during lunch.
--Plural. meat and threes. --Alternate forms. meat-and-three; meat-n-three; meat'n'three.

Well, that's it. I am sure it could probably be "tightened up" a bit, but I think you probably get the idea. There are tons of these great little places. So, get out there and try one today!